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We Are Getting Ready to Launch Our Incredible New Line of Cannabis- and Hemp-based Products Together With  Our Brand New Website. 

In the mean time we would love to share with you Genie’s story, the core foundation of why LotusTopia exists today.

Our family consists of dogs and cats. Their well being, comfort and happiness is of utmost importance to us. One of our most beloved family members, has always been our golden boy, our Airedale terrier, Genie.

A couple of years ago, we discovered Genie had a nasal growth on his giant nose. When we got him to the veterinarian, the tumor was growing very fast. The vet immediately scheduled a surgical procedure in order to remove the growth. After surgically removing the tumor, it was tested for malignancy. Awesome news! The test came back benign.

Less than a week later the tumor came back. This time the tumor was growing twice as fast as it had before. Our vet scheduled another surgery with the top surgical vet in the area. Surgery went well. The tumor was retested. Unfortunately, this time the test came back malignant. We were destroyed. After the surgery, our vet was concerned that there were still slight margins of the tumor left. She felt very strongly that the sarcoma would come back and come back quickly. The vets were wonderfully supportive and kind. After all, they kept his nose. For an Airedale Terrier, the nose is everything.

We were presented with two options. One was do nothing. Genie’s life expectancy was three to six months. The other option was radiation. Radiation is very expensive. It was $10k for the most basic package. Most importantly, radiation on Genie’s nose would put him through uncertain suffering and pain but could potentially increase his life  expectancy up to 18 months. We loved Genie. We were not ready to settle for any of those options. 

After many tears and soul searching, we came up with an idea. We already knew the medical benefits of cannabis. We had seen it with our own eyes. What we weren’t sure of is the medical benefit of cannabis for dogs. We threw ourselves into research. Most likely, Genie wasn’t going to be around for long, so we didn’t have much time. We weren’t willing to put him through the physical and psychological misery associated with it for an extra couple of months, at best. We weren’t willing to give up either.

We read about a Canadian name Rick Simpson who was credited with curing many people and pets of cancer utilizing cannabis extraction. After much research, we came up with a plan and formula to create a topical for Genie’s nose. We came up with a topical lotion that incorporated the full spectrum of the cannabis plant. We would put on his nose twice a day. After almost two years, there is no sign of the tumor. We told as many vets as we could about this. Some were not surprised as they had heard much anecdotal evidence of this type of treatment working.

This is how we were inspired to start LotusTopia

LotusTopia has formulated what we believe is the right solution for other pet owners going through a journey similar to the one we shared with Genie. Our products also offer a potential solution for the most common health problems affecting pets (and their owners). We have put together the right team to bring these products to market.

 We can not wait to launch. Come back soon and please stay in touch using the form below.

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